Iterate your idea. Get feedback. Go live.

Iterate your idea. Get feedback. Go live.

Where Business Insights Get Applied.

CachĂ© is a workshop that you join from where you work, that incorporates what you already know and then delivers you frequent bursts of feedback, as you go live with the business changes you've decided to make. 

Previous Clients

These are previous clients of Caché Head of Programme Ryan Jennings, who have endorsed his work on LinkedIn. These are not business participants of the Caché workshop.

Apply insights as you go.

Apply insights as you go.

Personalised to your business problem.

You already know the marketing or sales problem you want to solve, so we focus on that. 

No sitting through generic PowerPoint for two days at a training facility to get to the good stuff. 

Instead, you'll effectively use your time to apply insights and personalise the solution to your business environment.

Participate without leaving your business.

You'll be implementing as you learn without ever leaving your business. Balance your work day with the Caché workshop and bring in the support of your team as you need.

No more hours spent in an off-site classroom, with weeks between learning, explaining to your team then implementation (if you ever get around to it at all). 

Being at your business means you'll be able to apply with the tools and team you rely on for each learn and implement loop 🔂.

Work in the business...AND on the business.

Work in the business...AND on the business.

"We now accurately reflect what we do - no more disjointed product and feature lists."

You've already survived a global pandemic.

You've already survived a global pandemic.

Starting With Your Wisdom

You've already survived a global pandemic so you're not looking for Business101 lessons. We start with what's working in your sales pipeline, and what's working well across your marketing layers. 

After all, this isn't an incubator that throws away the success you've clocked up to date.

We'll then dive into the gritty problem you'd like to solve together as a group. Then you decide what action to take.

"I was able to boost revenue from my existing customers by grading them differently."

Realtime Feedback On Your Progress

Short, frequent bursts of feedback will help you improve fast from your first iteration forward. You'll be supported by business owners just like you. 

No more waiting for the next monthly meeting with your mentor or relying on a consultant.

Getting more than one perspective will help you see new ways of approaching your business. You'll improve your own skills, get more confidence and be able to do it again on your own.

Make better decisions with bursts of feedback.

Make better decisions with bursts of feedback.

"The new value proposition enabled me to standardise service delivery. I could scale more efficiently. "

Is Caché Right For You?

Work Together

10 projects. 30 days. Being part of a group of business owners will help you learn together, without taking you away from your business for more time is necessary. 

Be Efficient

Participate without taking you away from your business. You will need 2 - 3 hours for Zoom calls and another 3 - 6 hours per week for personalising the Caché work to your business.


You will be working on your specific sales or marketing problems so that every moment is adding value to your business.

Learn By Coaching

You'll learn by coaching fellow New Zealand business owners, as sometime we get too close to our own business. Team discussions 3 times per week for feedback and collaboration.

You'll learn just as much.. and they'll thank you for it.

Gain Digital Confidence

You'll gain new digital confidence through the Caché workshop. You'll use digital tools like Slack, Discourse and Zoom to engage with small groups of business owners in an intense 30 day process.

Make New Friends

CachĂ© is an intimate learning experience where you'll struggle, solve and courageously apply solutions to your business in ways you never thought possible. 

You'll make new friends along the way too. 

There's never enough time. Start now.


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