Inspiring Business Quotes From Real New Zealanders

Real business owners are the people who inspire me the most. Their words about what it's like to run a business go to the heart of what it means to navigate your business journey while living with the risk of unforeseen external shocks like the pandemic. 

We don't need to look beyond our shores for a New Zealand source of inspiration. The following quotes are sourced from the more the 300 business owners I've interviewed over the last five years many from conversation that took place as the 2020 pandemic unfolded. 

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Always On

“When you run a business, your business hours aren't nine to five, or your normal working week. You're basically consumed by it. It's there all the time.”

Mat MacMillan, Starex Manufacturing.

Market Sizing

"We might not make it in New Zealand. Let's make it so we can actually have more market opportunities in the world."

Shawn Beck — Founder Skinny Fizz.


"The best difference we could make was to open the eyes of young adults as to what is going on in the world, and what needs to happen in the world and facilitate them to find that leader within them"

Peri Drysdale  — Founder Untouched World.


“We have to ensure survival. We have to own our own destiny. We have to have our own supply chain.”

Ben Kepes, Co-Founder Cactus Outdoor.


“We’ve got to stand on our own two feet. We can’t just replicate other things or look to the world globally. We need to fall back to the roots of what founded our country.”

Simon Berry  — Whitestone Cheese Managing Director.


“I wanted to be part of the global shift in how we produce and use the items we buy to express ourselves.”

Suzie Eggleton  — Velvet Heartbeat Founder.


“There's a huge process from idea to product that's been launched.”

Hoodytime - Dropout Recording Collective.


“With small companies it's all about cashflow. When can I put this extra resource in which I desperately would like to have?”

Flexo - Mark Stolten, Founder.


"Let's start small, let's just get going with everything with guns blazing."

Sri Govindaraju - Co-founder, Zealandia Honey.


"Patents are not cheap but at the end of the day, it's something that secures your invention."

Ethan Todd - Backlanz Founder.

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"You Can Do It... If You Really Want To."

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