100% Kiwi Business book

100% Kiwi Business delivers insights you can use to navigate your own business journey, through the wisdom of what's working today for 100 kiwi business owners on their journey.

In the 100% Kiwi Business book you will receive:

  • A vision for New Zealand's future.
  • Insights and lessons from 100 Kiwi Business Owners and CEO's across almost every conceivable industry.
  • Inspirational quotes from New Zealand business owners.
  • 9 business success navigators for every business stage.
  • 3 ways to restructure your marketing capability into a media publishing powerhouse.
  • BONUS:  Includes Over 200+ question prompts you can use to drive your business forward.

Learn what’s working for Kiwi business owners, and the questions to ask, to unlock your own professional and personal success.

“You can do it, if you really want to.” — Craig Hickson, New Zealander of the Year

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“This book has been well researched. Not many business books are so comprehensive. I wish it had been available 30 years ago!” — Karen Stratford - Founder Aflex Technology, Nelson NZ.

Louise Ward - Book Buyer at Wardini

"100% Kiwi Business is a fantastic resource, both insightful & surprising, & truly relevant for those operating in the NZ business environment. 

All this in a beautifully presented hardback format; well done, Ryan!”

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Read Chapter 6 Performance Marketing from the 100% Kiwi Business book I published. It's for ambitious business owners who adapt techniques from other business fields and apply to their own.

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Audiobook Now Available

The 100% Kiwi Business audiobook is now available for those that prefer to listen than read. Each episode is narrated by Ryan personally.

Listen on any of the major audiobook platforms including Audiobooks in New Zealand and Amazon Audible worldwide.

Length: 13 hrs and 55 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Language: English
Publisher: UmPrint Publishing

The Kiwi Branding Edge book

The Kiwi Branding Edge explores how New Zealand businesses are creating an edge with the iconic New Zealand Made Kiwi trademark. This practical branding guide shows business owners 60+ ways to create an advantage for their products through country of origin branding.

About The Author

Ryan L. Jennings has interviewed over 300 business owners, many for the basis of the book 100% Kiwi Business. The business interviews were shared with New Zealanders on the New Zealand Business podcasts A Kiwi Original and the Ryan Marketing Show.

🇳🇿He was most recently CEO of the Buy New Zealand Made Group where he turned around a loss making business unit by introducing a range of growth programmes including the launch of the NZCode Kiwi logo for tech exporters, the ShopKiwi marketplace for shopping local during the pandemic and a series of 'Country Calendar for business' shows

💸Over three years, the results were a 40% increase in membership, 2.5x revenue growth, and a doubling of Net Promoter Score.

Ryan specialises in digital transformation, brand refreshes and business turnarounds, and enjoys playing on the edge of business and technology as a Business Mentor, Coach, Adviser and Speaker.

My Business Upbringing

It all started when my Dad let me sell grapefruit at his retail power tool and appliance store Hector Jones Ltd for $2 a box.

At six years old, the grapefruit tree in our backyard literally felt like a money tree.

All I had to do, was climb the 🌳tree, reach up to the ripest grapefruit and then climb down and put them in a large cardboard box. As long as the box was dropped next to Dad's car to load up, he would take it in to the store and display the box at the feet of customers next to the counter. I love hearing home offer to upsell customers who were coming back in to pick up a repair or buy a new power tool. 

Working in my Mum's business, Balloons & Flowers, I saw a different way of doing retail business.

In contrast to Hector Jones Ltd, customers didn’t always know ­exactly the product they wanted; they knew the feeling they wanted their gift recipient to feel on their birthday, wedding day, Valentines Day, Mother's Day or for Christmas. With a little guidance and inspiration customers could be guided towards what might be suitable.

Balloons & Flowers became New Zealand's first online florist at florist.co.nz in 1998 (one of the first 4,000 eCommerce sites globally) when I started applying what I was learning at Victoria University back in 1998.


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