Your Morning Cereal & Nudge Theory

The first thing you eat each day, might also display the first billboard of many you’ll see each day.

Kiwi Kids are Weetbix Kids

If you’re singing the jingle right now, it worked. Sanitarium are smart. Their Stat Attack cards tie in sporting success with a strong appetite for WeetBix implicitly. Stats are listed for both Weetbix eaten and sporting success on each All Black playing card. Subtle, yet brilliant. 

The message here to kids is… 

“If you want to be like Beauden, you’ll probably want to up your Weetbix intake to 6 each breakfast.”

There are more sinister ads that children see however. 

Vaping causes less relative harm than cigarettes. Great news. However, by adding 🍎 apple candy, 🍒cherry and caramel flavours to the product, there is a clear nudge agenda at play to tempt high school kids to give it a go. 🚬 The vaping companies have been so successful with the flavoured vape strategy, that it’s now at epidemic proportions in many New Zealand schools.

Ads For Children

Children see more than 40 ads for unhealthy products each day.

Childhood advertising exposure can created biased product evaluations that persist into adulthood, according to this 2014 academic study (email me if you’d like to read the full report - it expanded my view on the role advertising plays in culture). 

Brand knowledge structures developed in childhood lead to more biased evaluations in adulthood.
Ad-related stimuli evokes biased product evaluations in adulthood too. These biased product evaluations are difficult to correct.

Why? Because to change your mind, means rewriting your childhood. 🤯 Yup.

Nudging Your Customers

No choice is ever presented to us in a neutral way. You can nudge your customers towards decisions AND do it with an outcome that serves your customers and you. The book Nudge, might help you see things in a different way. You might decide:

🪑 to change the way your meeting room is setup.
🤝 to offer a different flow for customers visiting your premise.
☎️ to change how you answer the phone.

This book is part of the academic literature of behavioural economics. Nudge theory is one of the newest areas.

What Is A Nudge

“A nudge is any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. To count as a mere nudge, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid.” – Nudge, Thaler and Sunstein.

– Nudge, Thaler and Sunstein 

Nudges leverage system 1 thinking and avoid system 2 thinking.

Today's Caché Nudge

👉 Forward this article to someone you haven’t had nudged in a while…but probably should. They might even thank you.


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