From LinkedIn Connection To Email Subscriber

Your LinkedIn connections are on leased land, owned by LinkedIn. In this article, you will combine a LinkedIn feature with a personal outreach to shift your connections to a place where you own the land.... on email.

Choosing Who To Invite

LinkedIn has a great filter feature that includes filter by location and filter by industry. 

I have almost 4,000 connections and not all of those I have strong, personal, face to face relationships with so I wasn't going to randomly invite them to our email group.

Instead I filtered for business people based in New Zealand who I know in marketing or the marketing heavy food and beverage industry. 

The filter created a list of 334 people who fitted the criteria. That was about the right number I thought to search through and decide who to invite to the email group.

Choosing What To Say

Choosing your message is harder than it seems. It needed to be concise enough to read in a single mobile thumb scroll, yet say enough to answer the why, what and how.

The message clarified that I'd left NZ Made and what I was doing now and who it was for.

The note didn't say 'join my newsletter' as it sounds generic. Instead it promise the next issue, that happened to by the 50th demonstrating they'd be joining an existing audience.

Make It Easy To Subscribe

Joining a newsletter comes with friction for people. Going to the website...typing the email...answering the Captcha phrase...getting it wrong, doing it again.....checking for the confirmation email.... adding their email to the whitelist to get past spam filters. 


Instead, I did all that for them. 

When To Invite

Most people don't like to be first to join. We wait for the crowd and that's ok. As someone who wants to make a change happen, waiting isn't an option. 

I started writing for an MVA (minimum viable audience) of ten people. Three months later, there's 50 articles that shows the next people that they're not first and that a crowd has already formed.

 How might you deploy this little gem for your business?

LinkedIn Connection to Email Subscriber Ideas

- Cost management: create a price transparency email group to compare prices for common business supplies like IT & phone costs.

- Preferential buying: create a priority buying email group from your LinkedIn contacts to preference imported materials that are scarce. Ideal for construction.

- HR / Compliance discussions: create an employer advice group from your LinkedIn contacts to share  questions about Holiday Pay, employee / employer rights. 

You can create it as a blind copy group or with permission, an open group.

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