Connect Your Network Together

You know lots of people, but do they know each other?

There are benefits in connecting people you know together. The most effective way to bring communities together and enhance the process of friendship formation is to encourage people you know to form more sub-communities.

How might you start?

Write a thoughtful email introducing two people including what they have in common. I have a habit of doing this after meeting someone for the first time. 

💌 Summarise meet in email.
🤝 Make one referral.
👥 Connect on LinkedIn.

Scientists at Rice University crunched the numbers and discovered it is not which groups you join, but how many you join. Read the academic paper.

After 3 years at Buy NZ Made, the approach grew my network from 1,000 or so connections to 3,500+ through people I've met and people I've introduced.

Make A Connection

Every referral helps grow the connectedness of your network.

Is there someone you would like to be introduced to?

...or someone you'd like to introduce to me?
Here's my email Ryan at ryanjennings do t net. 

Or add their email and I'll drop them a personal note. 


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