🧦Recondition Your Website Footer (and cover your digital ankles)

You can be spending too much on ads because of a low performing footer, plus frustrating your web visitors. The last thing on every page of your website is the moment when a viewer has to decide...

What do I do next?

You can be intentional about answering their question or leave it up to web gods. Most still believe the web gods look favourably on them, but if you'd rather have a plan, follow me.

Reviewing Digital Ankles

Let's take a look at the digital ankles of four eCommerce websites that sell socks, and see what we learn from their footers. 

Are they intentional about what goes on their mobile footer?

Moth's Socks

Moth Socks are spending good Google Ads money to drive traffic to their home page...without a thought for how they might re-market to them later (and reduce their ad costs in doing so). Here's what's wrong:
  • No place to add your email address.
  • No email address = no way to do email re-marketing.
  • Messenger popups block footer text is clumsy design.
  • There is a tan coloured gap of valuable space wasted.

Recommendation: Replace the space gap with an email capture form related to foot health or guide to buying the best socks.

Nordic Socks

Look how brightly inviting the Sign Up button is in red on their footer. My eye is drawn to it repeatedly saying 'click me'. The brand name Nordic Socks makes it clear who you're signing up to and the three additional footer subjects are clear. Here's what could be improved:
  • De-prioritise the legal category by adding it as a footnote below the payment logos.
  • Use the freed up category space to show the contact phone number and email of Nordic Socks.
  • While the red button is attractive, the offer isn't as specific as you'd hope for. What are direct information and offers will I get?

Recommendation: Add a specific offer by signing up. "Join Nordic Socks and get a free gift with your next order."


Icebreaker have their 0800 number in the footer. Well done! ...and the only eCommerce store to provide this handy tappable button. Email address field is whispering quietly to the visitor 'we want you do connect with us'. Terms and conditions and privacy policies that no one reads are there but not in the line of sight of 'what do I do next?'

Less obvious is the nature of each of the two columns of categories. The first column mostly answers the question 'where do I go next?' and the second column mostly answers 'what else could I shop next?' So good.

There's one room for improvement:

  • Add a reason to 'connect with us'.

Recommendation: Repeat the deal offered in the header in the footer. Get 10% off your next order* Sign up to receive the latest news and offers from icebreaker.

The 10% carrot builds Icebreakers re-marketing efforts reducing their ad spend. So smart yet invisible...and it all goes down in the footer.

NZ Sock Co.

I'm bias here because I love their socks and have visited their factory in Ashburton. If you haven't got a pair for winter, you're missing out. How's their mobile footer doing? Intentional as they come. The email address capture is accompanied with a 'Be the first...' compelling message. The necessary social and payment button details are beautifully hidden away. LOVE the 'Engineer of the Sock ' circle and logo on the footer. This is the best visually designed footer of the three. 

So what could be improved?
  • The 'Submit' button is less frightening than a 'Sign Up' button but could be even friendlier with a 'Join Us' button.
  • The page load speed is slow because its image heavy.. many may not get to see the footer.
  • The Contact Us is hidden away and could be raised up by adding a tappable phone number in the footer.
  • The footer keeps shifting on the phone screen as a slider carousel above changes screen, making it hard to tap any links.

Recommendation: Fix the load speed by lightening the graphics load of the page and remove the slider from mobile.

Re-Engineer Your Footer

You can create a better footer by getting:

🧼 minimalist on your design like NZSocks.
📲 phone friendly with a tap to call phone number like Icebreaker.
ğŸŽBrighter 'join us' email button to attract eye like Nordic Socks.

Each of these steps will help your visitor answer the question 'what do I do next?' when they scroll to the bottom of your eCommerce site.

...and by capturing email addresses from web visitors, and remarketing, you'll watch your Facebook and Google ad costs drop.

The Caché Footer

On every page, there is a conversation related to the overall mission of Caché. It asks a question then answers it as context for why you should continue the conversation by entering your email address. Go on... give it a try.


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