Podcast Interviews. 3 Simple Follow Up Questions That Will Improve Your Interview Technique

Know simple follow up questions to ask in advance of interviewing your next podcast guest.

Follow up questions get you closer to the source of truth.
Often, a better answer gets left unsaid if the first answer your guest shares isn’t followed up on. Ask follow up questions and give  your guest the opportunity to: 

🖼 reframe their thinking

🎈expand on their perspective

🧱add more context or

🪞give additional reflection around their answer. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to ask followup interview questions like a professional TV interviewer. Paul Holmes, here we come!

Who's Paul Holmes? Watch this three minute video of his interviewing career on Holmes.

Practice 3 Simple Follow Up Interview Questions

There are three questions you can always rely on when asking follow up questions to your first question to help dig deeper on a topic. These three questions are:
1. Tell me more…

2. What was the most interesting part about____<insert the last part of their answer>

3. What did that feel like?

Try Asking Follow Up Questions Yourself

Work with a colleague practice asking the follow-up questions. 

One person is the interviewer and one is the guest. 

Step 1. The interviewer asks your guest the question: Describe how you got started in business?  

Step 2. Once your guest gives the answer, practice asking one of the followup questions 1 - 3 above. 

Then switch roles so the guest gets to be the interviewer. If you have time, try more follow up questions on each other.     

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