Meeting Seth Godin

I met Seth Godin after I had booked a slot in the altMBA, but before I had started the course. The backstory to making this meeting happen was years in the making. When Seth was a guest on another podcast I was listening to, I heard him say that he has this terrible habit of replying to every email he receives. 

So I emailed him.

Seth replied within 2 minutes. Wow.

I had found a direct connection to someone whose work I found brilliant. It was another year before I emailed Seth again. 

He replied again.

This went on for a few years, until I asked whether he'd be a guest on my podcast in 2016. He politely declined...and I'm glad he did. There was so much I had to learn about interviewing.
In 2017, I mentioned in the enrolment process for altMBA if there was any benefit in meeting fellow students while I was in New York. I got a reply saying that Seth might be available. What? I didn't even ask for a meeting.

I remember waking up on the third day I was in New York... after completing two of my own interviews there with international Kiwi business owners - there was an email. "I can meet you this afternoon 2pm, does that work?" Hell yes. On my way.

Sometimes you get to meet your heroes. Sometimes they change your life. AltMBA is worth doing, even if you don't get to meet Seth Godin.


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