Who is Caché

Ryan Jennings

Head of Programme / Provost
I am a business owner who uncovers the value in others. I’m building a space that brings together business owners who recognise the value of seeing new perspectives. I’m celebrating the kind of New Zealand business environment, where talented people are rewarded for what they love to do. 

My superpower is that I am an intent listener, who is able to go between business worlds then develop new insights to share, from what 250+ New Zealand business owners have told me.  

Before Caché

Ryan comes to CachĂ© after a successful business turnaround of the iconic Buy New Zealand Made brand including the launch of new brands NZCode and ShopKiwi. With extensive experience in coaching New Zealand business owners in marketing, sales, digital transformation and business, and the publication of 100% Kiwi Business and The Kiwi Branding Edge, Ryan leads the CachĂ© programme of workshops.

Always Marketing. Sales. Digital Transformation.

Real (not small) Business Owners

Real Business. Solving Real Problems.

Your business is one of the biggest things in the world to you and that's how we'll approach it during the CachĂ© workshop. You will be working on your real sales and marketing business problems live. You will work alongside real business owners who feel the same way about what they do. 

Then together, we will go beyond what you already know about your business and collectively solve the sales and marketing problems that are holding you back.

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